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Enjoy great revenue for your games!

Monetize and distribute your online games.

Monetize your games

We help game developers distribute and monetize their games. Maximize the reach and revenue of your game now!

Integrate the SDK
5 min

Integrate the SDK

Super easy SDK integration to collect the revenue.

Release Your Game

Release Your Game

Prepare your games and release them to over one hundred publishers.

Earn Money

Earn Money

Monetize your games with Net 30 payouts and high eCPM's

Upload your games now

Earn additional revenue from your games through in-game advertising! You just have to integrate our API, and we will take care of the publishing and promoting your games. We will provide you with a clean and lifetime revenue share system.

We send money within 25 days of the previous month. The payment method is PayPal and Bank Transfer. Join our game distribution program and enjoy additional earnings and great benefits!